I LOVE helping my clients create High Priced Offers that are totally unique to their business and match their zone of genius.

When you introduce a High Priced Offer into your offer mix it can revolutionise your business. It allows you to work with highly motivated clients, get great results for them, brilliant case studies and make far more money in your business with less stress (believe it or not it IS less stress).

That’s why this is one of the first things I strategize with my clients on when we dive into the Package For Profit training modules in my Attract Your Tribe programs.

I’m here to bust a myth right here and right now.

Myth: High Priced Offers are hard to sell and only work if you already have a highly successful business and huge tribe.

Fact: It is just as hard / easy to sell a high priced offer as it is to sell lower priced offers, especially when you need to sell far more lower priced programs to make the same money.

But: ONLY if you construct the high priced offer in a way that makes it absolutely irresistible to the people who are willing to pay for you to fast track their results so they achieve their goals with less stress and less time.

That’s what we’ll be doing today

In today’s masterclass podcast episode you will learn:

  • The definition of a high priced offer (or high ticket or VIP)
  • The concepts of Transformational Journey, Transformational Framework, Transformational Milestones and Transformational Promise… and why you should care
  • The #1 most important thing that makes a high priced offer irresistible
  • The Profitable Avatar and who is most likely to buy your High Priced Offer
  • 5 different types of High Priced Offers you can implement NOW
  • Which offer type is best when you are just starting out and which is best when your business has a tribe and a proven system
  • Examples of how each of the 5 types can be used
  • I have even created a downloadable cheat sheet so you can choose the best type of High Priced Offer to start with and identify what you need to have in place before offering more advanced types of offers


Plus a special podcast bonus for you today. An action guide to download
“Cheat Sheet. Design Your Irresistible High Priced Offer”.

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Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome! Janet Beckers here. I’ve got a very special teaching episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio for you today. Today, we’re going to be looking at what makes a high-end offer, a high-ticket offer, absolutely irresistible. So we’re going to have a look at what is a high-end offer? So, we’re both going to be talking about the same thing. Then, what we’re going to have a look at the number one thing that makes it absolutely irresistible, what makes a high end offer successful or not?

Once we’ve identified that number one thing, I’m going to walk through with you, the process that you need to go through in order for you to get super-duper clear on that so that it makes it very easy for you to feel confident to be able to charge what you’re worth and to be able to confidently communicate that to the people who are going to buy.

To make that easy for you, I’ve got a downloadable that goes with today that’s going to walk you through the questions that you need to be able to do in order to be able to create a high-end offer that’s going to be irresistible. So, make sure you go to the podcast page for that and you can download it. It’s absolutely free and it’s eight fill-in-the-blanks PDF so that you can just fill it in online or print it out if you choose to do that. So, that’s going to help you to be able to take action today.

Now once we’ve got clear on that, then what I’m going to do is I’m going to go over five different types of high-end offers that you can be doing now. These are going to be high end offers that go from, if you’re right at the very beginning of your business, you may have been in it for awhile, but you’re not really sure about offering high-end programs.

Then we’re going to have a look at, but you don’t, may, may not have an emailing list and you may not have a lot of clients that are just waiting for the next offer to come out. Then we’ll look at that. Then we’re going to have a look at progressively the kind of offers that you can be doing through two. If you already have an established business with an established clientele and a mailing list, what can you be doing to be able to offer a high-end offer that is leveraged?

Okay, so I’ll give you three different ones. They can be used for all stages of business across them and that’ll give you an idea of where you can progress. That’s what we’re going to be focusing on today. Now you’re in the right place if you already have a high-end offer, but it’s not converting.

You’re also in the right place if the whole idea of even creating a high priced program totally intimidates you and you cannot even imagine what it’s like to be able to do that. Either one, you’re in the right place, whether it’s going to be your first one and it’s overwhelming you, or if already got an established one, but hey, it’s not converting, what do you need to do to make it so it is going to convert better for you? Okay, so let’s get stuck into it.

So first of all, let’s get clear on what is a high-priced offer. In most industries it’s going to be over the $2,000-$3,000 mark. It’s the kind of offer for your particular market. It’s not the kind of thing that you can just say to people, either from a sales page or that you could do from a series of e-mails or that you can do from having, you know, an offer on your website that’s going to be, you know, here’s my shopping cart, my selection.

It’s goner where people aren’t are as likely to go. That’s what I’ll have that one. Thanks. Or they’ll just buy it online. Now I’m not saying that you can’t sell something that’s two or three. You know, $3,000 and above just from sales letters. And I have done that myself. Normally what you will need to do is you’ll have to have quite a bit of an education process before you sell so that people understand if the offer is for them and what kind of outcomes they can get. So, because of that, quite often people will want to have a conversation and so they will want to hop on the phone with you or they may want to meet you in person if that’s where they will normally be seeing you and have a conversation to see if it’s right for them.

So, think about it in that way. For some people, a high-priced offer, maybe a thousand dollars depending on your industry. For others, a high-priced offer is going to be over five or over 10 or even more. So, it’s going to depend on your industry. But keep that as a ballpark figure. Now, when I say for some industries it may be a thousand. I’m talking about your industry, not just you. If it might be that that scares the life out of you. It’s not necessarily that It’s going to be what people in your industry would/can charge. So, what are people also going to be looking at your potential clients? So that’s just a bit of a deep re-frame for you. You might be thinking, I can’t sell anything over 500 bucks. I better hop on the phone. That’s my challenge to you.

That may be more to do with your perception of the value that you can offer. Listen to what I’m doing today because this will make you a lot clearer on what that value is.

Now, we’ve got clear on what a price range is for a high-end offer. Now we’re going to have a look at what makes a high-end offer convert, what’s the main thing? And then, we’re going to go over some examples so you can get an idea of what they are.

The number one thing that is going to make an offer irresistible or that it’s going to be: “that looks interesting. I like to do that. Yeah. Maybe one day I will” is it needs to have a very distinct outcome. People will pay a lot more money if they can get the outcome that they want to get a very specific outcome.

If you can help them to get that faster or if you can get them, help them to be able to achieve that with far less stress. If you can do that to get that outcome, there will always be a percentage of people who just want that. And believe it or not, it is just as hard, just as easy, just as time consuming, just as quick which fill in what ever you’ve already got in your mind just as much to do for a high-priced program as it is for a low price program.

You may as well see if you can get aim to be able to have higher-priced programs which are incredibly rewarding because you get the outcomes with people. They’re going to be having a much more hands-on approach to being able to get the results they want. That’s incredibly rewarding for you and your business.

If the outcome is the thing that is going to sell people, let’s have a look how you get clear on what kind of outcome people are most likely to be willing to invest more money in to being able to get that outcome. I’m going to walk you through a bit of a process now. I’m going to give it to you, the kind of, you know, birds eye view of this process because the details on this process is core to what I do through my attract your tribe training.

I do that very closely through my higher-end program, my VIP offering, which is my accelerator program, which on the scale of things in the expense of offerings that I have given over the years is probably one of my lower priced ones for the value for the outcome people get.

So that’s core to what I do. I’ll link you through so you can actually see a PDF of what’s in that office so you can get an idea of one offer that you’ve got. With this, I thought that I go into a lot more detail. So if at the end of this you’re thinking I need help. That’s all right. I’ve got all the processes that get you super-duper clear on this, but we’re just going to give you the thumbnail here. To be able to get that outcome that people are willing to pay more for, you need to be exceptionally clear on the transformational journey that you take your clients on. Now, by transformational journey, I mean, where do people start from?

There is a point A, that they are at now and they’re wanting to get to point B. That point B, depending on your industry, may very well be something like “lose a certain amount of weight”. It may be around creating a business with higher-end offers and systematized.

It might be getting through those huge mindset blocks that’s been holding them back. To be able to go on and get the successful outcome that they have identified that they’d been aiming for, but they haven’t been able to get. It could be something like a physical thing depending on your industry. It could be that you’re going to be able to run 10K in a certain amount of time. It depends on your industry.

You can take them from point A to point B. To be able to do this, there’s two other things that you need to be super duper clear on. You need to be super clear on who is it that you help the most. If you can take people from problem to solution you must have a process to get them there.

You could be in a service based business. You could be a consultant. You could be a coach. You could be a done for you type scenario. This can also be applying to products. If you’ve been attracted to me, it’s very likely that you are in an area where you take people through a transformation. So to do that you have to be exceptionally clear on what is the process that you take people through to get from point a to point B. Who is it that you can get those, the results with the best?

If you get a person that has this particular problem, wants to get to this particular area and has these other particular characteristics, you know that you get that person, you can take them from point a to point B, if you just follow the steps. If you know that, you know who your most profitable Avatar is. If they fit that criteria, you know you can get them the outcome.

You have to be very clear on what is the transformational journey that you have a process to help people to get to. And you need to know who is the ideal client that if you get them, if you take them through that process, you know with confidence that you can get them to that outcome. Now with that, you then have a transformational promise.

You can say, “I know with confidence that if you have this problem and these characteristics, I know I can help you get these results.” Then, you have a transformational promise. It is that transformational promise, that outcome that makes your offer irresistible.

Along the way from you taking somebody from point A to point B, there are going to be different milestones and these milestones will also be bumps in the roads. These are the kinds of things that when your client is trying to go from point A to point B, whether they are doing it with your guidance, whether they’re trying to do it on their own without fail, there’s going to be certain points where they’re going to go, do I go left? Do I go right? I feel like I’m sort of up against a brick wall.

You know that there’s always going to be those situations and they need help to be able to get past that onto the next step. When it comes to what you can be offering as a VIP offer, you may be going and by VIP offer, I mean your high ticket item, your high ticket, your high-priced offer is you may be able to go, “I can take you from point A to point B.” That’s what we’re going to do. That’s what I do through my accelerator program.

Point A to point B, right at the end. So, you may go, you know what, I know that people need to get to this milestone first or they might be partway along and I can get them from here to right to the end. If you’ve got those different milestones along, you may decide that you’re going to create your offer for just one particular section of it.

For example, If I was going to be working with you that was going to take you from, you know, where you are in your business now to being able to create a really unique offering and to have attracted a tribe that absolutely loves what you do and to be seen as the tribal business leader. That is the whole way. But I might say, you know what, the very first section we are going to get super clear on the profit in you who you profitable Avatar is and we’re gonna work out some packages that work well for them. That might be one outcome.

You may have something very similar in your business. For example, I gave somebody who may be a fitness coach that made the outcome to run 10 kilometer run in however long that would take. You know, it might be in 45 minutes, for example. That might be the outcome they’re working for. You might be able to say, you know what, I’m going to work you to this point to get you so that you can do a five-kilometer run in 30 minutes and we’re going to be working on that. This is the outcome. This is about how long it should take and these are the steps. That might be one of those things that they’ve got as you’re going along. So that’s a couple of examples. So you can decide whether your offer, whether you’re going to be giving them the full outcome or whether you’re going to take one part.

But you can’t possibly do that unless you are very clear on who it is that you can help, what their point A is, what their point B is, what the different stops are along the way, where they are going to be having hurdles, the points that they need to be able to meet that they need your help. So you need to do that.

You need to know the process you take people through, so that if you can do that, it’s going to be exceptionally easy for you to be able to create a higher price to offer and to be able to sell it with absolute confidence. It will be irresistible if you know that you’re missing any of those points along the way. Come to me. That’s what I do. It’s what I love doing. It’s my superpower getting you a real clarity on that stuff.

If that’s what you need some help with, just contact me and I can tell me about your business and I will let you know the best way that I’ve got to help you to get there. Let me give you a couple of examples on the kind of offer five different ways of offers, different types that you can be creating.

The first thing that I want to be able to say to you is you may very well have heard a lot about an ascension program, which is when people will join your mailing lists. So that’s when you’re getting them to get to know you and then you will offer them a lower price program. If they buy that, you’ll buy them the next program and then you keep on sending them. I’m just telling you here, that’s not going to work for your VIP clients.

There is always going to be a percentage of people that are not the slightest bit interested in consuming the lower priced programs. They don’t want the self study, they don’t want to have the step-by-step, they don’t want the slow path. Ain’t nobody got time for that. People who are more likely to buy the higher price program, they just want to know what’s the fastest way for me to get there. Don’t make them work hard for it. Let them itself qualify.

Let them say, look, if you’re meeting these criteria and you want the fastest result, the least stressful result, this is the best way you can work with me. Just let them know straight up. Okay. Don’t make them work hard for it. Cause in my experience, the people who tend to work with you at that higher level may very well not have purchased any of your other cheaper programs to start with.

In fact, they may have only just recently joined your mailing list. They may have been watching you, what you’ve been putting out there on social media or they may have been referred to you or they may just be ready and what you have delivered to them through your free content to start with just makes them go, this person is the one that I want to work with. So don’t make them work hard for it. Don’t force them to jump through hoops.

Now, let’s look at five different types of offers that you can be creating.I’ll start off with the ones that you can be creating if your business does not have a huge mailing list and if, you don’t have a lot of intellectual property created, you don’t have resources such as checklists, videos, things that could be part of a course if you don’t have any of that yet. Let’s look at what you can be doing.

So the very first thing that you can be doing is package up you. Now you may very well be offering when people work with you on an hourly rate or on a session, this is especially true if you are a service provider where you know, people come to you for your expertise and you may be working with them a certain number of sessions.

It may also work for you. If you are an adviser, you may be doing that on a session right now. When I was saying this, I don’t want you to bundle together a certain number of hours, or a certain number of sessions for you to be able to offer a VIP level. You must link it to the outcome. So your focus is very much on the outcome that they will get and what process you’ve got to get them there.

So that may include a certain amount of time with you, but you know that on those times you’ll be helping them with specific steps to get there. So you can be creating some extra resources as you go. You might create as you’re going some short videos or short audios to help them to stay on track.

You may give them some worksheets that you create. These are all things that you’re creating. You don’t have to have them all done before. It’s still bundling you but not on an hourly rate. It’s bundling on the outcome. You can do that now if you know that you can get results for people.

If you’re pretty sure you can get results, but you haven’t really tested it, then that particular outcome you will be offering as a beater program. It may be slightly cheaper than what you were doing, but you’re letting people know that they are founders and that they, that you would like their feedback throughout the whole process in things that are gonna help them to be able to get those results.

I’m not saying do this for free or low priced because you want the right people in that program. Now, the next thing that we have is I’m just having a look over here at my list as you can be taking the same kind of thing and instead of you be doing it with people where it might be spread out over a few weeks or over a few months, you might go, you know what, you want to get this whole thing nailed in a day. Let’s have a VIP day.

So again, outcome focused, they are going to be working towards a specific outcome on that day. It could be clarity on something that they need to do. For example, you and I, we could have a VIP day where we nail your signature system, your offers and what is going to be your 90 day plan for how you’re going to beat marketing that, to get that out there. That could be an example of a VIP day.

I’ve had VIP days where what we do is we get super duper clear on who your most profitable Avatar is and what your offers are going to be for each of those. I’ve run VIP days like that. Very, very distinct outcomes that you’re getting people, the kind of thing that you can work intensively for one day or you might make it two days and people will pay for that because they’re thinking “I haven’t got time to wait for this. Let’s just knock it over. Let’s get that done.” So that can be a great example.

You can be offering that now even if you don’t have a list. So on how you actually get the people who were going to go in there, that’s, you know, that’s out of the scope of today’s podcast. But just know that you already have a network.

You’re going to have to put yourself out there, out of your comfort zone, you’re going to have to follow the hustle method. This is number one, just over an extended time and it’s packaging you and the outcome. The next one, let’s condense it into a VIP day. And just as an aside, if you’re having a VIP day with people and you’re doing it in person, spoil them rotten, choose a really beautiful venue, make it private, gourmet food. You know, you might even, especially if you’ve been doing mindset stuff, you might even want to make it that there’s a message that they get at the end of the day. Really, really spoil them. You’re going to be making it. They’re going to be paying for that. It’s all coming as part of your expenses, but make the day feel like a VIP.

You can do the same thing if it is going to be virtual. You can be sending them a package that’s got all the spoil things for them to be able to create this beautiful environment while you’re working virtually with them. Just through zoom, through recording.

Now the next one that you can be doing is if you have a service where you can actually be doing the work, creating what it is that people need. You can be creating a done for you now, a done for you can be that you may normally, it may not even have to be done for may not even have to be done for you by you.

For example, if I wanted to, I might go, all right, I’m going to be doing this where I’m going to be helping you to be able to plan out your whole online course.

Well, I could do a dung for you where we can say, “All right! well, we’re actually going to create the members area. We’ll add all your material in and I’m going to get a great copywriter to do the sales letter. I’m going to get a videographer that’s going to come in and they’re going to be videoing you and we’ll get all of your message. Put the whole lot of it for you together.”

That’s a pretty high-priced offer that I’ve just created there. You know, that can easily be 20, 30 grand. I’m bringing all those people in. I’m not going to be doing all that work. I’m the strategist. Probably, even more actually if I brought all of those different people in. But some people are going to go, well I’m going to have to do this anyway. Can you just do it all for me? That is an example.

Another example is my personal trainer who has me working on this macro diet of certain number of grams of fat, protein and carbohydrates cause I’m losing weight beginning strong at the same time. If she had an offer where she would actually every week work out exactly my meal plan on the foods that I love and what was in season for that particular week and what I had coming up that week and I knew it was going to fit exactly those grams, I would pay for that. That’s just example. So that’s say done for you.

Now, the next one that we’ve got is we’re going to be moving over now, and this is if you have an audience of people where you know that if you make the no brainer offer that you will be able to bring a few people in at once. That allows you to really leverage what you’re delivering and to have a high-price program that is has a group component. Now that group component can actually be better for the client because they’ve got other people who they can be bouncing ideas off, they’re not feeling alone as they’re going through the process.

For a lot of things that can actually be a huge advantage, especially if you have curated who was in that group so that people are going, wow, these are great. There’s people who I am here with. So let’s look at two different ways that you can be doing that.

One of those, you can be inviting people into a group program that is delivered over a period of time. An example is my accelerator program where people are meeting every single week on zoom, on video. Every single week they get together with a small group and even if they don’t have a particular issue and question and hot seat at the moment, they learn a lot from the hot seats of the other people because everybody has been interviewed before they go in. And so everybody is working towards a similar goal. Plus they’ve got other things that you can include in there.

We have a special VIP Facebook group where I’m in there every day reviewing things that people have done, answering questions and also lots of training materials so they can fill in the blanks. That’s a done with you. So, it’s a small group, but it’s done with you.

You’re not doing everything for them, but you’re giving them all the steps. They do their part and then your’e reviewing. Your’e giving feedback, making it better, making it faster, and then they also can get some one one with you. And that’s what happens with my accelerator clients. They get some one on one with me, so I’m looking right on their business as well. That’s something that if you already have an audience that you can launch that now.

The next one that you could be doing is if you had that group program. Instead of you doing it over a long period of time, let’s modify the VIP and make it into a small group workshop or a small group retreat and by small group, that’s really going to depend on what’s going to help you to get the transformational promise, the outcome for them in the shortest amount of time. You’ve only got one day or two days to do that.

So if you have a larger group, how can you do that? You may have to bring in many years or you might just keep them smaller groups. When the actual number is really gonna be dependent on you and the process you take people through. So that is the kind of one that you can be offering as well. I’ve done something very similar where I had very, very small group, a two day workshop in a Beautiful Boutique Hotel where we just worked on creating videos and people going home with them, videos created and their marketing plan done and that that sold exceptionally easily. We didn’t even have to do that through phone calls. We just did that off a sales page for 3000 each.

No, what I suggest you do now is go and get the downloadable worksheet that I’ve got for you. I guide you through the process step-by- step on these big core questions that you need to get in place.

So as a review, your high-end offer is going to be something that is tied to a very distinct transformational promise and outcome that you can get them in and you have a process to get them there. It may be the complete outcome or it may be one part of what they’re doing or one of the milestones along the way. So to do that, you need to be exceptionally clear on what the point is and the point B and who it is that you can help to get from point A to point B.

What is the transformation that if you get the right person, you know you can get it for them? That’s your profitable avatar and what are the actual milestone steps along that way that they really are going to need help to actually get those little milestone steps.

If you know those, then it’s going to be very easy for you to create an offer that is going to appeal to those people that want to get that transformational promise, that outcome, they want to get that in the fastest way, the least stressful way, the less time consuming way for them.

If you can help them to do that, that’s what people will pay for and gladly, because it’s their total wish-list. So I’ve got that, that worksheet there for you to help you to get clarity on that. So then you will have confidence that you know what I can deliver here.

If you’re having trouble thinking “I’m not clear myself on my avatar. I’m not really clear on what is my transformational process that I take people through. What is my framework and what is it that makes me stand out”. If you need any help with that, that’s me baby.

That’s exactly the transformational outcomes that I can get for you and love every step of it. And then we’ll be able to create a suite of offers that are beautiful to sell and again, to help people. So if you’d like some help with that get the worksheet, go and download it and then just contact me. Let me know what it is that you’re trying to achieve. Tell me a little bit about your business and we’ll either hop on the phone or I will let you know of what kind of program, what’s the best way that I’ve got to help you. That’s my super power baby. It’s what I love doing and I’d love to help you as well.

I’d really also love to hear from you. Has this helped you today? Like, what’s, what’s been an Aha for you? Which of those five different types of offers are you sort of leaning towards now? Like what feels right for you? I would really, really love to hear from you on that one.

So, please either comment where ever you are here, if you are watching this on iTunes or another podcast, I would really appreciate if you would leave a comment for me, some kind of feedback cause that’s going to help other people to be able to find me. If you leave a rating and a comment, I would love to do that. So it could be on this episode sharing your heart, our house, or even just the whole podcast. I’d really appreciate that. Okay. Looking forward to hearing from you and go get them folks. Bye!

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