In the beginning of 2018 I made a huge change in my business and changed my business brand from Wonderful Web Women to Romance Your Tribe. I also changed my business model and my content marketing strategy. It was a big year!

As part of this change, I decided to launch a new podcast called Romance Your Tribe Radio.

This is the 5th podcast I have published over the years, each for very different purposes and with different strategies.

Over here, in this episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio called “Why start your own Podcast”  I gave you a reality check on how much work actually IS involved and some tips from the trenches to simplify life for you so you aren’t so tied down.   Today, let’s look at the reasons YOU would launch a new podcast (and 2 reasons not to).

1. Become the Oprah of your industry

Position yourself as an expert through interviewing experts in your field.

You may not actually be well-known in your industry or you may just be starting out. But you are able to bask in the glory of who you interview. You are seen as an expert by association. You get to be the passionate reporter, which is what I did when I launched my business Wonderful Web Women (Romance Your Tribe evolved from that beautiful business).

Way back then podcasts weren’t around. So I interviewed experts and sent the recordings out via email and my member area (I know…. so retro). When podcasting became available I was able to repurpose those interviews as podcasts.

Both ways, I benefited from The Oprah Effect. I was totally new, I had no money, but I was very quickly seen as an expert because I was talking as experts. By doing interview podcasts, you very quickly position yourself as an expert.

Create contacts in industry with interviews

Podcasts are a wonderful way for you to start to build relationships with significant people in your industry. In fact, for me, it was one of the things that really launched my business.

These are people I ended up doing joint ventures with and gave me opportunities to present on stages. These people invited me to their weddings. It became a way of being able to know influential people in your industry.

The exact same thing will happen with you when you launch a new podcast.

2. Develop Trust and Credibility with Teaching Episodes

Show how clever you are with great teaching content (this episode is a great example).

Demonstrate what it is like to work with you

If you’re going to be the one who’s teaching or you have a co-host, it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate what it would be like to work with you. They can see the way you communicate or think.

Your audience gets to know who you are, what it’s like to work with you, and what you know. They get a feel of what it’s like to do a coaching program with you and make them want more. (Read: Buy in to your coaching programs.)

With the amount of knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years I can share a lot of things without even touching on things I have in my paid programs so I don’t have to worry about cannibalising my paid programs through my podcast. You may very likely be in the same position..

Interview clients about the results they have achieved with you (Shine the light on them and bask in the reflected glow)

This is a great way to show off what you did with your clients and it’s better than a testimonial because they’re sharing their story. Your interviews don’t just have to be the experts. Shine the light on your wonderful clients and bask in the reflected glow.

In fact this entire podcast show Rising Stars Radio, is focused just on shining the light on my wonderful clients.


3. Produce regular, quality content for your marketing

Interview experts who create great content so you don’t have to come up with all the content ideas and research

By doing so, you don’t have to come up with all the content ideas and research. An advantage of the interview format is that you can continue to provide quality content to be able to attract new clients to you, develop a relationship with existing subscribers, and you continue your relationships.

You don’t have to think of content yourself because you’re talking with content experts.

Milk your podcast for other content.

You will have a system to routinely create content for your blog, newsletter, social media and other platforms

You can create blog posts, short articles, infographics, social media posts to provide content for numerous days/ weeks or even months, from just one episode (so milk it baby, milk it)

Create microcontent

You can use the short and sweet 3 minute video podcast technique to create 3 months of podcast content (and automate it) in less than a day. There is free training for you on this strategy over here at

Leverage technology so you reach a wider audience

Use podcasting technology

It’s free, so every time you post your podcast audio or video on your blog it will automatically go to iTunes and all other podcast directories so you can leverage a wider audience.

You can see the list of the different podcast platforms I post the Romance Your Tribe Radio podcast over here.


You can use technology such as Zapier, a web-based service that allows you to integrate the web applications you use. So every episode will go to all your social media platforms without you having to do extra work.

2 Reasons NOT to launch a new podcast

Still have doubt on why start your own podcast? Let’s talk about how you can work around it.

“It’s a lot of work”

1. Systemise and Delegate

Don’t do everything yourself. I create systems around communication with experts, recording and editing, publishing and promoting. All I have to do is choose topics and experts to invite, turn up to record the interview via Zoom, then review the blog posts and articles so they have my personal touch.   Everything is done by virtual assistants who follow my procedures.

It does NOT dominate my life.

2. Go for short and sweet

You can do short and sweet 3 minute episodes like I did with Wonderful Web TV for over 4 years. I have many clients who use this system now and many of those used this strategy to launch a new business and create visibility quite quickly.

The system I created around this meant I only had to invest 1 day every 3 months to film and delegate a consistent, high ranking video podcast.

I teach this for free over at

“It’s a lot of work”

Why launch a new  podcast when it’s going to be a big commitment?

2. Launch a limited episode series (and include the interviews in a book)

You can also take from what I did when I was working on my book Romance Your Tribe Online. As part of my book, I wanted to include case studies and interviews. Then I thought: If I’m going to put them in my book, I might as well record them in a format that would make sense for a podcast. When the book went live, the podcast also went live.

3. Choose your own podcast frequency  

You don’t have to publish your own podcast weekly or the same way everyone else is doing it. Figure out what outcome you want from it and think of the format that would be the best way for you to achieve that outcome.

You’re in control baby.

Finally, leverage everything. Milk your podcast so all this time and commitment would be worth it.

Do you plan to launch a new podcast?

If you do I’d love to hear from you. Share below the topic and format that feels right for your new podcast. And if you already have a podcast, feel free to share a link to it in the comments below and, importantly, share some insights with other readers about your experience.

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