Do you sometimes feel as if you are doing absolutely everything you should do to attract your ideal clients yet it is harder than it should be?

Sometimes you are totally in the flow and your ideal clients appear in your inbox with messages of “how can I work with you” while other times, it feels as if it is all up hill?

I know personally, when I’m “in flow” everything I have always done just suddenly seems to get results seamlessly, yet when my clarity and energy is blocked, it’s almost like the universe is saying “whoa girl…. your ideal clients are on back-order for the moment”.

Recognising this is one thing. Controlling this is another and that’s the topic of today’s podcast.

Today I introduce you to my friend and client of my Attract Your Tribe Accelerator program, Cindy Troast. She is a Law of Attraction coach and Emotion Code Practitioner, who helps women entrepreneurs release their emotional baggage and attract their ideal clients.

I talk to Cindy in person every week on our Accelerator video huddles and in our private group every day and I can tell you this woman walks her talk!

It seems every week she shares a story of how she has intentionally attracted a new ideal client using the law of attraction. Which is why she is my guest today.

Here’s what we discussed on the interview:

  1. How Cindy learned about and got into the Law of Attraction
  2. Why Cindy focused on entrepreneurs and why specifically around attracting clients
  3. The 3 step process to attract anything you want
  4. Examples of how to use the 3 steps to attract something like a car
  5. How to use the 3 steps to attract your ideal clients using the Law of Attraction
  6. How you can get Cindy’s help and a free cheat sheet to help you attract your ideal client using the law of attraction.

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3 Steps to Attract Your Ideal Clients Using The Law of Attraction

Here is the process to follow that Cindy graciously took us through, step-by-step.

We’ll discuss each one and give you clear examples of how to do each step.

1. Identify Your Desire

The first step is to identify your desire.

This means you need to be very specific in describing exactly what you want. Thinking generally just won’t make the grade here. Take the time to really imagine what you want looks like and what it feels like. The more detail the better and then be firm on your choice.

An example of this is when Cindy bought her new car. She had specific details in mind in buying the perfect car for her. She was exceptionally clear on the model, the colour, the interior, and every other detail she could think of.  As she shared in our interview, when she searched online for her car she specifically ONLY searched on this criteria.

I especially liked that she was specific in identifying her desire to the level that she only wanted there to be one car available, it would be in her price range and it would be available within a specific distance range of her home!

Yep that specific.

As Cindy shared in the interview this is exactly what she attracted!

How does this relate when you want to attract your ideal client using the law of attraction?

As you can see, identifying your desire is not telling the universe “I want new clients” or “I want a new car”. It must be very specific.

Here’s an example:  “I want a new female client, doing business for about 2-3 years already, managing a team of 5-10 people etc.”

Action Step: Identify your ideal client in incredible detail

For example, you can add…”my ideal client chooses to pay immediately and is excited to work with me. She also has a track record of taking action in other areas of her life so I know she’ll take action with me”

2. Give Your Desire Attention

The second step is to give your desire attention. Whatever it is you’re wanting to attract, you want to give it attention. When you want to attract something, it doesn’t end in the mind. It is important to take action in the real world. Yep….surprise!!!

Ready yourself for the coming of what you desire.

I loved how the examples of action Cindy took demonstrated an absolute belief that she would attract exactly what she wants.

In Cindy’s case, while waiting for her new car, she prepared herself in the following ways:

  • She brought the old car to the car wash to be cleaned,
  • She arranged to take her new car to the mechanic to get checked for by an expert before she paid for it and let him know she’d be in on a certain date (before she even found the car! )
  • She made sure her husband was available on certain dates so he could accompany her as she knew he’d want to be part of the buying process

Action Step: Prepare everything you need to onboard your new clients

For example you can:

  • Clean your contacts list or remove files from your computer that are not relevant anymore. You are expecting something new, so you need to have a fresh start.
  • Set up an online booking system like the one we use so you can easily book a sales call with your new client.
  • Have your procedure set up to invoice or accept payment immediately online
  • Have your sales material ready to give your new clients
  • Have your resources prepared to give your client as soon as they have paid

3. Allow It to Happen

The third step is allowing it to happen. This is the hardest part of the 3 step process. Allowing is the absence of doubt or the absence of having limiting beliefs. People tend to overthink or be anxious on things they cannot control.

Let it be and be positive that it will happen at the right time. Having doubt or self-limiting beliefs cancels out the wanting or the desire.

For Cindy, purchasing that car was not easy. The price it was initially advertised for was $1000 over her budget. What she did was expect the price to be lowered by $1000 and gave it a few days to happen. She didn’t  check on the site at all until the few days were up.

When she did, the price had dropped by exactly $1000.

Rather than having a negative thought pattern and letting herself be weighed down by the possibility of the car never going down to a price she could manage, she clung to the belief and absolute expectation she would get it at the right price for her.

Her patience and positive thinking won out!

Action Step: Consciously ignore doubts you will attract your ideal client

Here’s a few ways you can do this:

  • Be diligent in observing your thoughts…..note when you are feeling doubt or a return to lack of clarity on what you want
  • Observe your actions….note if your behaviour does not demonstrate  actions to prepare for your ideal clients
  • Meditate and visualise you attracting your ideal clients
  • Contact Cindy for more tips on this as this is her speciality

Last Words

So we’ve gone through all the 3 steps to attract your ideal clients using the Law of Attraction.

Cindy made it simple and provided us some great examples.

So now I want to ask you…

Tell us what sorts of things have come up for you?

What are the things you desire that you recently got?

What are your recent wins?

What things have you manifested?

What are the preparations you did in getting these things?

I’d love to know and for you to share in the comment section below.

And hey, if you’d like to get Cindy’s help or her spiffy cheat sheet, you can go here.

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I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

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