In this week’s episode I share with you a recent discussion on the weekly coaching huddle I have with my Rising Stars clients. It’s something every entrepreneur faces at some time. In fact, pretty constantly really. Plus I’ll share my answer in the hope it helps you.

The question:

“I can’t work out why I haven’t got this project started. I keep on putting it off, even though I know it is important.”

My answer:

“There are 3 questions you need to ask yourself, in this order, to narrow down the real reason.”

I go into detail in the podcast and I’ve also written a cheat sheet for you below.

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The 3 Questions To Ask To Identify Why You Are Stuffing Around

There are 3 questions you need to ask yourself, in this order, to narrow down the real reason.

In my experience it will be one of the following:


Are you clear how this project will directly lead you to the outcome you have set as a priority?

To know this, you need to be clear on your key objective (that’s why we set 90 day goals).

If the relationship to your goal is not clear then you either need to:
a.) adjust the project so it will be aligned, or
b.) park the project until later, when it will align with a different goal.

If this decision is hard, I have a tool we use called The Chaos To Clarity Tool for working out which project you should focus on.

If you answered YES to the first question, and the project is perfect for your goals, then move to question 2.


A common problem is trying to do everything in the project all yourself. The learning curve and time needed is so overwhelming you can’t move forward. In our discussion on our weekly huddle this was the problem.

So work out which parts of a project are overwhelming you and outsource that. We came up with creative ideas that weren’t going to be expensive at all. She had assumed she had to do it all herself because the outsourcing would be expensive. Not necessarily so.

Or you may need a checklist or quick training on how to do part of the project that is new to you, rather than outsourcing (that’s why I create templates and checklists for my clients for heaps of things).

If you answered NO to question 2, which means you are cool with what needs to be done, then move to question 3.


The final reason is fear, and in reality, this is probably part of it, even if you identify 1 or 2 as the stumbling block.

So what sort of fear?

a.) Fear of criticism from your peers
b.) Fear of criticism from everyone else
c.) Fear of rejection….this could be no sales, the sound of crickets when no one responds to your efforts
d.) Fear of failure
e.) Fear of success…..if this works I’ll be so busy and that means…..

Let’s address the most common fears…. that is being criticised, standing out, disapproved of and “who does she think she is”

So ask yourself….

a.) WHO exactly are you concerned about? I mean put actual names and faces to this, rather than a general “my industry”

Then the question that is the most important…….

b.) What is best for my clients?

So even if you are criticised, will than impact on your clients, stop you helping them?


Action Steps

  1. Identify a project you have currently, or in the past, you kept putting off
  2. Do the 3 question exercise for this scenario
  3. Share below (or send me a message) with your results. Why question was the block?

Read The Transcript Here

Hello, Janet here! Have You ever been in a situation where you’ve had a project or an important activity that you need to do to be able to move ahead and reach your goals in your business something that you have planned out. You’ve talked about it. You know you’ve worked out all these things and you know what I’ve got to get this done. And yet you find yourself absolutely stuffing around and you’re thinking to yourself, why am I stuffing around like this? Why am I doing this? So if you can relate to this, no you’re not alone. This is really really common it’s something that I have dealt with over and over again and I know I will continue to deal with that. And my peers friends of mine who have been in business for decades with multimillion dollar businesses also have exactly the same issue. And my clients that I work with have exactly the same issue. The nice thing is I have a strategy they hope to get out of that because if you finding yourself that you have set yourself a goal and yet you’re stuffing around if you don’t get yourself out of that quickly it can take instead of being I’ve been stuffing around for hours or days. It can be weeks it can mean months I can go up to years. So you need to have a strategy to get out of this quickly. So that’s why I’m going to be sharing on today’s call with you.

Today’s call, today’s podcast, so why is this topic like why is it come up now? It’s because just this week on one of our our weekly huddles that I have with my hiring a group of clients, one of my clients who’s an amazing really successful woman in her business, has said you know what I’ve got this particular strategy that she had already worked out and we’ve been talking about for ages. She said, I can’t work why I’m doing it. I’m stuffing round. Why am I doing this. And it was really really frustrating her so I led her through these exact, exact questions and I’m going to be sharing with you now. And we nailed it. We nailed it really quickly. And the interesting thing was once we were going through her experience through the exercise the other people who were on the call. Yeah I relate to that. See that one that you just got up to that question there? That’s the one that’s been stuffing me around. So it was something that at the end of the call everybody went wow that was so useful. You know it really really helped me so I thought I would share that with you because if you’re in this situation you know what, you got to move on because you’re in business the longer your stuffing around with those sorts of things. The more it’s going to affect the growth of your business and the profitability of your business. And you can end up you know really really harming your your revenue and your growth and your business simply because you couldn’t get unstuck.

So let’s have a look at three questions that you need to ask yourself in order to work out why it is that you’re stuck and then we’ll look at what you can do when you’ve answered those questions. You’re ready to go? So the question number one you have to ask yourself if you’re finding yourself stuffing around, is are you clear on how this particular project will just say it’s a project. Are you clear on how this particular project is directly related to your priority outcome. Now what do I mean by that. Now we’ve got clients that we work closely with. We work on 90 day cycles so we have a 90 day plan. We work out what the priorities are, and then we work out how we meet that. And it keeps you really focused especially when you see so many things that you could be doing in your business and you go “oh well if I’m focusing on this but that’s really important and that’s important that looks interesting”. So you’ll start docking over doing those things and if you try to do lots of things you’ll do them poorly. It’s much better to focus and just get one or two things done really really well. So if you’re not really clear on how does this fit in with your top priority with the outcome. Well there’s going to be something in your mind that sort of feeling a conflict. So when you and I meet with my clients that you know what your 90 day goals are. Well if you look at okay, how does this particular activity this particular, project how is it time for that outcome. Is it essential?

If you’re not working on a 90 day plan. I recommend that you do contact me and I don’t know how I can fix you up with the resources on how to do that. But the thing here is work out what are your number one priorities that you are aiming for. Now have a look at that project. Is it going to move you closer to that. Is it key? Now if you are answer that comes up and says yes then we’re going to move on to the next questions. Okay. But if the answer that comes up is we’ll actually no. This project actually is not really aligned with what my core goal or my core outcomes are. I think my objectives. Well then you have a choice. You either go Okay I’m going to put that over the next 90 day period and I review it. Or, you know what, this was something I thought was fun or should do. But actually it’s not going to get me any further dump it. Okay. So you can do that. So number one delay it and then reviewed again in the next 90 day period or just get rid of it.

So that’s if you answered no to these questions. So what I really want you to do to really make this lesson really valuable for you, is think about a particular project or activity or thing that you know you should be doing but you’re stuffing around you haven’t been doing it. If you can think of a particular exercise as we’re working through these questions that’s really going to help you to learn it and to then be able to internalize it so when these situations come up again you can go through this process automatically.

So if you are doing that I’d really love to hear from you. I would love it if you leave a comment down below. Drop me an email. Whatever way it is that you like to communicate and let me know. You know at what question point did you work out the answer. So that’s question number one, how aligned is this with your major objective. Now if you answered yeah! It is absolutely aligned with my major objective. Then we’re going to move on to the next question and the Case Study that I’m working through without telling you her details was being worked out. Yeah absolutely. It was really really core to her major objectives. She knew it was important. So they’re probably at this stage you’re going, I know this is important I’m still stuffing around. Why am I stuffing around Then you go to the next question.

Now the next question you want to ask yourself is it something to do with the actual process of getting this done. Am I feeling overwhelmed by this? Or am I really unclear on what it is that I need to do now? It might be two parts it might be you might go, Okay, will actually yeah. Um I’m not really clear on exactly how I’m going to do it. And so therefore I’m feeling a bit unsure. So in that case you go alright, what I need to do is to spend that time to find out exactly what other processes that I need to go through in order to get this done. And you know in this case they always come to me and I’ll be okay. Yeah this is what you got to do. Let me guide you through it. But you know it might be just don’t spend some time on Google. Whatever it is if you don’t you know whatever it is that you’re trying to do get clear on what are the steps that you’ve got to do. Now if you go Well you know what I’ve got to do, but still you know I’m still not doing it because I’m feeling so overwhelmed by the whole lot just the thought I just feel stressed by how am I going to get this done. So if that is the case then what you need to do is go. Right. Which parts of this do I absolutely have to do myself because they fit into my strength but which parts of this can I outsource. Can I get somebody else to do because if I’m overwhelmed by doing this, there’s going to be some parts that maybe I’m trying to feel as if I need to do it all myself but I don’t. Now that was the situation in this example because she is running a really busy busy business and the whole idea of getting all these things done was overwhelming her. Now quite often where you’ll be going. Next thing I know that you’re thinking is it’s way too expensive for me to outsource all of this. So my question to you is this. Number one if this is going to be moving you closer to your objective and that objective is to do with your business it’s going to be bringing in revenue. This is a business expense that’s going to bring in more money. So would you be spending money on some kind of advertising that you might be having in your business. Would you be spending money on-look at what things you are spending your money on and are they related to increasing your business income. So if this is something you’ve already identified then you can go Okay, I’ve got to outsource some of this. Let me see if I can do this creatively. So you may not need to outsource it to the absolute experts it’s going to cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to get whatever it is that you want to get done. You might be able to get some parts of it where you can be creative and go out to say in this case we worked out because this was all to do with you know with quite a sophisticated video strategy is right. I’m going to see who is already out there that may already be students at the university where I live where they actually are really into video and media. Is there something where I can get them to come in and help me with the production or have I got a friend that can come in. So we were able to work out some things that could get outsourced and we worked out some creative ways to explore how to do that. And then we also looked at you know if it comes down to you how am I going to get this tan simply from time. Sometimes you got to put some boundaries.

So if you’re going Ya’an or going out and I’ll go get all this stuff done but how I’m going to find the time. If this is an important thing you’ve already worked out in question number one it’s a priority. Well, You got to put some boundaries and you’re going to actually book into your calendar. This is when I am getting this down exactly the way that I am able to produce quality podcasts on a regular basis because it is in my calendar book even on certain days and I get that done.

SO whatever else you’re doing you’ve got to set some boundaries around not go this is going to fit around everything you book it in. So that may just very well be the thing that you need to do. So in summary if you’re super clear that yes this is absolutely totally aligned with my objectives I really need to get this done. Then number two if you’re feeling like you’re not clear on the process and that’s what’s stopping you take the time to get clear on that whether it’s going to be through a course you doing or whether it’s going to be through a mentor or a coach or whether it’s going to be Google. Find out the processes that you need to do. Even then you’re feeling overwhelmed because there is so much to do. You’ve got to see what parts you can outsource and be creative around that. And then you’ve also got to be put some boundaries and actually give this as a priority in your calendar and get it done. So that’s if you answered that. Actually it is the process that stressing me out. Now, what if you go, well actually no I know you’ve got to do and I’m, you know I’m not particularly overwhelmed by what I’ve got to get done I know I can do it why am i still stuffing around?

So that’s going to lead us to the third question to ask yourself. And the thing here is this is very often is and quite often even though it, you know you might have got down to this point. And you know like we worked out with with the case study that we’re working on that, it was point number two for her but still point number three came in and this was the one that the majority of people who were on our call because it’s a really safe zone to be able to share. We’re going yes. This is the biggie. And that’s because it is the biggie for every body. Is if you know what you can do, you know it’s important but you’re still stuffing around? Then we are going to look at fear. Now what kind of fear could this be. I know this is a super duper super super super really really common. You know it can be fear of failure. But when we look at failure what does that actually mean? So very often what comes with failure is it can be a fear of judgment, of rejection that people are going to go, yeah. Yeah. Useless in work. On the other side is if this involves actually being visible putting yourself out there then it comes to a fear of rejection. People are going to look at me go, who does she think she is? Or she hasn’t done a very good job. If you’re a perfectionist look at this because that’s very often what’s hiding behind it. This is for me who is a fully recovered perfectionist. That used to hold me back on hell of a lot. So these are the normal fears that you have got.

So now let’s look at what do you do if this is the one that resonates. Because it’s one thing to be able to identify it. And it’s another one to be able to go you know what I’ve got so I’ve got a solution here. So let me walk you through the solution if you have identified that fear is the absolute number one. Now two things. Two other questions that I want you to ask yourself. First of all a very common one that I hear from people is that there is going to be judgments. That they are really going to be criticized and very often the people that they are worried about judging them, are actually their peers. How are people in the industry. Because let’s face it if you are building a business online, and if you’re following the way that I teach people to do things you know and I’m working with people who really want to help a lot more people. Love the work that they do. It means you’ve got to be visible. It means your doing things differently to other people you know stepping up. And you know what, as soon as you do that, it means that you know what you visible you’re opening for criticism because as soon as you do that, you are getting off the fence baby and you’re saying, you know what I’m you know I hope a lot of people. And so I’m going to do this thing. Sure it’s going to be putting me out there. Because I’m staying-I’m not I’m saying this is a new way to do things. This is how I can help people. I’m actually going to be helping people more you know all around the world because I’m using these marketing methods. I’m actually sharing what I do and I’m helping more people. There’s going to be the people who are other than us that prefer to just keep on doing things the way it’s always been done and acts more. And as soon as you decide that you know what, scares the pants out of me. Scares the pants off me. Scares the pants off me. But I’m going to do this anyway because I’m so passionate about what I do is going to threaten the vanillas. OK. So you got to decide am I going to be vanilla or a lead. Am I actually make a difference to people. Because as soon as you do that you’re jumping off the fence and think about it this way if you’re sitting on the fence and going look I just you know we just can’t keep the status quo. A beautiful friend of mine has a quote that she uses all the time which is you know what. People who sit on the fence they get splinters in their bum. It’s not comfortable being up there even though you might think it is so as soon as you get off that fence you’re going to threaten the other people and just accept that some of those are going to be really threatened by what you do because you are doing great stuff.

So question number one is instead of thinking about you know fear of being criticized. Fear of disapproval. Judgment. I want to get very specific and ask yourself exactly who not just my profession. I want you to think about the names of people about the particular organization that you might feel that you might be criticized by. I’m watching it get it super clear on that and then I want you really think to yourself this next question. Number one is, if you’re working in a health field especially this is a common thing with a lot of people who are in some kind of health health fields just check with what you’re doing is not going against what the guidelines are and if you’re with me it’s not. Just check that so you know with all confidence. Well no I’m not doing anything wrong I’m just doing it differently. I’m being out there. So neither they just think about those specific people and then ask yourself this question, their disapproval or if I get rejected by them, which should probably not by the way if I’m going to get rejected by them and criticized, is that going to affect my clients. Is it going to stop me from hoping more people. Now if for some reason that is going to impact on you helping people. Well then absolutely look at it. But I can bet you now that it’s absolutely not going to be impacting your clients. Because I always ask the question, what is best for my client. Because if you like the people who I work with you love the work that you do and you’re doing it not just to build your business for freedom you’re doing it because you want to make a difference.

So if you always think about the people who you are helping, that if you ask yourself, if I do this is this going to be better for the client is this going to help more people. If the answer is yes then keep that in your mind all the time when you have your self-doubt and you’re worried then you’ve got any kind of fear always come back to what is best for the client. So if you know that you want to help more people get more results have a bigger impact by actually doing the project that you’ve set yourself. Then think about the opposite, what’s going to happen if I allow the Fear to win? What is going to happen if I don’t do these projects? If I continue to stuff around the way that I have. Are there going to be people who I now don’t get to help. Are there going to be people who don’t have the change. Are they going to get some step towards the transformation that they are looking for. If so you’re letting them down. You live in your fear affects the people that you are there to help.

So that is the thing that really works best for me. It works really well for my clients is always keep in mind what is best for the client. If I do this is it going to help more people? If I don’t, if I allow fear to win then who loses? Who loses in that? So in the summary. The third one is a fear of address the most common fear which is a fear of making a fool of yourself or being judged or being rejected.

And so because without fail is the most common one that I come across. And then the response to questions to ask yourself exactly who will be judging me. Get it down to the people’s names. So you’ve got it your mind. And then say doesn’t matter. And then number two what is going to be best for the client. If I allow fear to win, or if I allow fear to get-me to reject the fear instead I move on and get stuff done. What is gonna make a bigger impact.

So that’s your question do you want to be vanilla or do you want to step up and actually make a change. If you want to be vanilla, stick with the status quo and if your project is going to change the status quo. Well let fear win. That’s okay if that is your choice. But that’s not what you’re wanting to do then, this is the opportunity for you to step in to scarecited. So scarecited is that beautiful combo of when you were scared but you’re excited. So what you’ll do here is don’t focus as much on the scared don’t let the feet win. Focus on the exciting part of it, and allow that to build up and focus on the people’s lives that you’re going to change.

So I hope that helps you because this is a really really common thing and if you allow this to win. Well, your business is not going to grow and I will be really open with you that you know this is something that I go through all the time every time I’m stepping up further in my business. I’ll be aware of other stuff around why I stuffing around and very often it will come down to that fear. It’s because I’m going up to the next step. And so I go through exactly the same process myself and really focus on the excitement and who I’m going to help. Okay. So I would love to hear from you. In summary the three questions you’ve got to ask yourself if you’re stuffing around you don’t know why is number one, is the project that you are stuffing around on are you clear how it aligns with your key objective your key goal. If it does then the next question, is Well is it because I’m not clear on the actual process itself or I’m overwhelmed by the process that could be that so you can address that. If not that then the next one is its fear. What am I afraid of. And really look at the fear of judgment and then be super clear those 2 questions of who exactly would I be concerned about then rejecting me or judging me. Very very specific on actually who they ask. Put into perspective. And then number two, ask yourself the question what is best for the client? What is best for my potential clients? And who am I going to be laying down if I allow fear to win? Okay! I’d really love to hear from you if you’ve worked through this mental exercise, keeping in mind maybe a project that you have been stuffing around on or one that you’ve stuffed around so much that you can’t put it aside. I’d love to hear from you.

Which of those three things was the one that you identified as the main reason. I’d love to hear from you so if you can comment down below drop me an email whatever it works for you. I would love to hear from you and if you have a friend or colleague that you know is stuffing around and you would really really like some help. You know, you want them to sit you know to be able to break out and you know do these wonderful things you know they’re capable of. Please pass that along to them. And I also have if you have a look down below I’ve got a special gift there for you that’s going to help you to really work out what your priorities are. So if you have a look there you will see that I’ve got a special tool that’s going to help you work out your priorities. And I really hope that that helps you. Okay, bye!

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