I have a special gift for you with this week’s podcast.

An action focused cheat sheet of 20 ways to make money in your business in the next 90 days.

So why 90 days?

90 days is the tested and proven ideal time to get real results in ONE big business project. You can go from idea, to implementation to real results with lazer focus on one project that will move the needle in your business the most.

If you are like a lot of people and this has been the crappiest year you’ve had in business yet. Let’s change that.

And if you’ve had a dream run, let’s keep that momentum building baby!

In this week’s podcast (with downloadable cheat sheet and summary blog post) I give you a list for inspiration, seasoned with real world experience for a reality check. Every single thing on this list I have done in my own business in 90 days or less and also helped my clients do in their own businesses.

Go get ‘em baby!

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Plus a special podcast bonus for you today. An action guide to download Cheat Sheet: 20 Ways to Make Money in Your Business in the Next 90 Days

20 Ways To Make Money In Your Business in The Next 90 Days

20 different things that you can be doing in the next 90 days that are going to bring in money into your business, and not just bring money into your business. These are things that are actually going to continue to grow your business beyond this 90 day period. 

Okay, now to keep this really efficient, I’m going to break this down into 4 different areas, where you can really make the biggest difference.

1. So the first thing I’m going to look at is, what have you got that you’re actually selling?

Let’s look at some things that you can do in the next 90 days that you can actually start selling.

A. You could launch a higher end programme. This might sound crazy, but instead of you trying to get 100 sales of something at $1,000 or $100, whatever your number is, you might have to get 10, okay?

B. You could be doing something where you’re offering a service, it could be a new service, or you could be creating a, you know, a special bundle to do with a service, something that people are going to pay more for, that’s going to help them to get results. That could be something else that you could be doing in a 90 day period. And so you could be creating that and selling it and starting to deliver it. 

C. The other thing that you could be doing, you could launch an online course in 90 days, you could come up with your concept, you could launch your course and you could start delivering it.

D. You could, instead of an online course, also launch a membership site. So you could design the membership site, launch the membership site and start delivering on that membership.

That’s four different things you could start selling now that are new offers for your business.

2. Let’s look at your selling mechanisms.

A. You could design and deliver a webinar. You can absolutely do a webinar, that is then going to be selling for you and absolutely get that done in a 90 day period. You can then be structuring that so that it becomes an evergreen webinar so it can continue to be able to market for you.

B. You could run a five day challenge on Facebook. You could design it, you could run it, and you can sell through that and you can absolutely get that done in a 90 day period. 

C. You could run a launch in a 90 day period. There’s quite a few different ways that you could be running a launch, but you could be running a launch where you’re going to be creating a series of training that leads up to opening up the doors and selling your programme. So you could absolutely be running a launch of either a new offer or something that you already have, but you need to be getting it out there.

3. Now let’s have a look at things that have got to do with building your email list.

 In a 90 day period, you could set up everything to be able to build your mailing list.

A. You could have a lead magnet, that gift that you know is designed to attract people who are going to buy. As well as set up all of the automated infrastructure, such as follow up emails, so that people will then want to buy from you.

B. You could set up a Facebook ads campaign, so that you’re running Facebook ads that direct people to your list builder funnel,  whether it’s your new one, or your existing one. You can start building up sales in that way.

C. You can run an in-depth market survey so you know exactly what to create to entice a list of your perfect customers to your email list. You can do  all of the research, including doing interviews with potential clients. Then create an awesome lead magnet to attract people you know are ready to buy.

D. You could add a one-time offer people see when they join your mailing list. That way you can find buyers quickly and make sales on auto-pilot as you build your email list. This only needs to be something you can create quickly like a mini-course.

4. Now let’s look at things you can do that establish you as an authority and shine the light on your brilliance so you attract people who want to buy from you.

A. You can organise and run a one day summit where you bring experts in who deliver great content. You use that as a way to build your list with the added benefit of making an offer of your products and services to the attendees or make commissions from sales the speakers make.

B. That book that you’ve been writing? You could get it published, within a 90 day period, and have it for sale on multiple platforms. You can have pre-sold it so that you are making sales from that book before it even hits the shelves. You could even do a collaborative book if you want, to get that book out there and establish yourself to attract people.

C. You could launch a podcast. I don’t recommend that you launch a podcast unless you’ve actually got something to sell to your listeners. But you could absolutely launch a podcast in that 90 day period. It could be an audio one, a video one or both. You can create your podcast episodes and repurpose the content for social media, Youtube and your blog. 

D. You could set yourself as the expert and then leverage other people’s audiences by being a guest on their podcast, using the strategy to be seen as a sought after guest. If you just do one per week, you can be on 12 new podcasts. If you can get five a day, if you go full out on it, you could be a guest on 60. These are all people who are going to be exposed to you, and then come over to your business. 

E. You could establish a weekly Facebook live television show, which could be your teaching authority platform. It could have guests, a bit like a podcast, but it’s all on Facebook Live. Use that as a way of attracting your tribe. 

F. If your market is on LinkedIn, you can launch your LIVE or recorded authority platform there as a branded LinkedIn TV show on a strategic topic. Use the engagement you get on the videos to personally connect with every person who comments to then move those people to a discovery call off the platform.

G. Establishing a really well thought out and strategic Instagram marketing strategy, which is going to involve you using video, such as Instagram TV, Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories. Use that as a way of building your list and actually recruiting customers and making sales through there. You can very, very strategically do that and build up a following where you can be making sales within just a few weeks. 

H. You can set up joint venture relationships. This is one of the things I’ve used to build my business all the way along and I help my clients do. So if you have either a new business or whether you’ve got an existing business, you can be using the joint venture strategy to build those relationships and help each other grow your businesses. These do not have to be with people who are startups, these can be with really great names that are well known in your industry.

I. You can record a library of short educational and inspiring videos designed to engage and attract your ideal customers. These can be published every week on all social media platforms to build a following of clients who see you as the expert they trust because they feel connected by video.. You can use these same videos on your blog,  publishing them every single week for the next 90 days designed strategically to grow business.

This is a core part of my own business content marketing plan and has been for years.

That’s 20 ideas for you. Now over to you.

What ideas can you contribute to this list?

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