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About The Book

Romance Your Tribe Online: Client Attraction in Action
52 Action Packed Customer Attracting Ideas…..and MORE!

In “Romance Your Tribe Online: Client Attraction in Action”, multi-award winning entrepreneur Janet Beckers teams up with  dynamic entrepreneurs from around the world who are part of her own “Tribe Online” to bring you more than 52 action-packed customer attracting ideas you can use THIS WEEK.

Focus on Action

Each idea is designed with action in mind

Each author’s ideas and tips are as varied as the businesses they operate and the countries where they work and live. Each tip has this is common: they have all been tested and work in the authors’ own businesses and will work for you too. Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:

ORDER NOW : ONLY $19Limited Time Only
  • Clever ways to use Facebook to build customer loyalty
  • Video tips to make your viewer feel you are talking to them personally
  • Creative ways to surprise your customers and make them say “wow”
  • How to keep your clients talking about your events months after they go home
  • Clever ways to make your website a client magnet and makes them think “this is where I belong”
  • Thoughtful ways to connect via email, phone and in person

For Businesses Who Care

For business people, coaches, authors, speakers and service providers who know the true gold in their business comes from the loyalty of their customers, and want simple, and powerful ideas to consistently attract perfect clients.  You know, the type of clients who pay without complaining, value your services and become loyal fans who LOVE your brand.

Flick through the book, choose a page at random and unearth a simple and tested idea you can do THIS WEEK to attract your perfect customer to you.