“Here’s How You CRUSH Overwhelm to Get Faster RESULTS!”

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Did you know? The number #1 feeling entrepreneurs deal with every single day is the feeling of being submerged to their neck, in work!

I want to live in a world where entrepreneurs stop the struggle against time…

I want to live in a world where entrepreneurs stop the struggle against time…

Against themselves and the pressures of everyday reality.

But I’m realist enough to know this is easier said than done.

What pains me more than anything is to see good people like you…

Invest a lot of money and time into your life’s dreams…

Only to never achieve the desired outcome.

I’m frustrated to see the pain, the frustration, and the helplessness in the marketplace.

But I’m not surprised… because there’s ONE primary culprit that causes these issues in the first place.

Before I get too carried away let me say this…

I want you to have everything you dream about

I want you to:

  • Dominate your niche, without having to fight for it tooth and nails.
  • Express your cause to the right market, and eloquently attract high-paying clients into your funnel.
  • Work less and earn more.
  • Spend more time with loved ones, while your business continues to finance the lifestyle you seek.
  • Fuel your passions, and liberate your authentic cause.
  • Leave a legacy for your children, so your work is not done in vain.

And that’s exactly why I’ve created…

A spectacular program called INNER CIRCLE (oh yeah!). This program is tailored for you to help you do less, with more impact.

It’s designed to remove overwhelm from your life and business. And get you faster results.

It’s about plucking the feelings, dreams, and concepts from your head, and turning them into tangible results. Without adding more overwhelm and confusion to the mix.

INNER CIRCLE is about unleashing YOU.

It’s about helping you:

  • Take ACTION!
  • Implement what you learn with step-by-step guidance
  • Leverage fantastic networking opportunities.
  • Promote your business to thousands of people, at no extra cost.
  • Attract potential joint venture (JV) partners.
  • Simplify the techy stuff that can stop you in your tracks.

And TAP into a great community.


All you need to do right now is make a decision to MOVE. 

I’ve customised this program for you. After listening to and talking to hundreds of my coaching students, I’ve come to the conclusion that the thing that is holding you back right now is overwhelm.

You’re bombarded with stuff. Everybody wants a piece of you:

  • Your children, partner, family and friends.
  • Your colleagues, clients, customers and team members.
  • Salesmen, the postman, and God knows who else.

Why I Am So Passionate About Helping You

I've been where you may very well be now.

I've experienced the frustration of trying to juggle building a business, learning how to market, how to find new customers online and trying to work out how to make all the many moving pieces fit together.

I know what it's like to feel like a complete idiot because I can't handle the techy stuff and don't know which steps I should take in which order, yet I know I'm not dumb because I excel in so many other things in my life.

I know what it's like to spend days researching the different options for something as basic as choosing the best software for my website and then not making a decision because it's all too overwhelming and I don't have anyone to ask.

I know what it's like to spend my very last cent launching my new online program and crossing my fingers, toes and knickers and hoping it works. And then failing! And then trying again and hitting the jackpot and feeling the incredible relief of success.

janet-winning-mcei-200wideI know what it's like to feel the gratitude and surprise of being claimed an "over-night success". To be invited to speak on stages nationally and internationally, be courted by joint venture partners and be honoured with awards including the competitive Australian Marketer of The Year award,


Most importantly,

I know what it's like to see other women and men, intelligent and passionate people with a huge message to share with the world, struggle the same way I did, when I can see the path they need to take so clearly, because I've already walked it.

That's why I'm passionate about what I do.

That's why I've created The Wonderful Web Inner Circle.

The 5 Essential Elements You Need
To Overcome Overwhelm and
Get Results Building Your Tribe Online

If you are genuine about building your business, then tapping into the power of the Internet is absolutely essential. Done correctly, you can create a beautiful platform that allows you to get your message out to the world and reach people it was simply impossible to reach before.

There is a lot you will need to learn as you create this beautiful platform and this is where people get overwhelmed. It can simply seem so complicated, so techy and there are so many decisions and choices to make at every step of the way. So many decisions, in fact, that many people simply get stopped in their tracks.

I recognise that you need the path to be simplified, not complicated.

You need a way to stay focused on what is important and not get distracted with more and more information.

You need help to make decisions from people who have “been there, done that” and support from other people on the same path so you’re not feeling so isolated.

To get unstuck, and stay unstuck we all need:

  1. Personal help to make decisions and cut through all the options for you. Help from experienced mentors with runs on the board who can save you thousands of dollars in mistakes and hundreds of hours of wasted time and inaction.
  2. A community (or Tribe) of like-minded entrepreneurs to share ideas, share experiences and to help you connect with Joint Venture partners and trusted referrals to help you grow your business. You need people who understand you are on a mission and that being an entrepreneur is challenging. This is something many friends and family just don’t get.
  3. Opportunities to take action and promote your business. You need to get your name known and shine the light on how you help people but too often, the big opportunities to be part of something big are only available to the big names. You need a way to get your message out to far more people than you can on your own so you can grow your mailing list and make sales.
  4. A way to solve the techy overwhelm. There is a lot of techy stuff to learn (or delegate) such as making websites, using social media, sending emails, making videos etc and just the thought of learning this stuff can be enough to stop most people in their tracks. You need a way of finding out how to do the techy stuff, when you need to know it, and available in a way that normal people can learn quickly without the geek talk and over-complication. It is no way as complicated as many people make out.
  5. You need a business-building system to follow (that works and is aligned with your values). You need to have a guide book or blue-print to follow but one that allows you to tailor the process so it allows you to shine, rather than turning you into just another cookie-cutter. Importantly, you don’t need an information overload and lots of distracting detail on strategies and tactics you just aren’t ready to implement yet.

Here’s what you can expect from


THE INNER CIRCLE is the HEART of the Wonderful Web Online Tribe. It is the place to connect and to get practical and caring support as you grow your business.

The whole premise of INNER CIRCLE is to help you transition from feeling overwhelmed to taking ACTION.

This program is about implementation.

To do this, the program is structured around the 5 Essential Elements You Need To Overcome Overwhelm and Get Results Building Your Tribe Online. Those 5 elements I introduced you to above.

So let’s see exactly how we do that…..

Your Program Specifics

Element1: Personal help to make decisions...

Live hotseats and Q & A with award winning entrepreneur, Janet Beckers

I have worked in the Online Entrepreneur arena for the last five years. I have probably been to over 70 workshops and I’ve had lots of mentors.I have to say Janet Beckers is the best mentor that I’ve ever had.

Julie Lewin

Janet you are such a fantastic mentor and I wouldn't have achieved what I have achieved so far if it wasn't doing you….. this program allowed me to achieve my goals much quicker, plus the direction you gave me, I know I wouldn't have been able to get that anywhere else! You are a true professional and exceptional at what you do! Thank you so much!

Tiffany Mika

So yes - that is me - I am the one who is wearing out your videos as I watch them over and over and implement it one tiny piece at a time ... I just wanted you to know how grateful I am - how much benefit I have gained ... and how blessed I feel to have found your program...

Alisse Bradley

Live Hotseats...

1. Two Monthly Q&A Group Procrastination Buster Calls

These calls are designed to help you move past blockages. And get a deeper understanding of what you already know.

During these calls you’ll be able to ask questions, and get answers from the people I bring in, and myself, to help you implement. Your questions should be short and sharp to give others in the group a chance to ask theirs too.

You’ll be able to have your questions answered as you implement the training material included in the membership (see details below) and in any specialist programs of ours you invest in. Answers on the topics of SEO, copywriting, traffic, social media, techie support, video, etc. to help you get traction.

Each call is focused on answering your questions, designed to give you clarity and motion, confidently.

Some calls start with a short 20 minute tutorial on a topic members request then it’s straight over to you. Most calls we dive straight into questions and guidance. I know you need answers to your questions, not be overwhelmed with more information.

2. Recordings Of All The Calls…

In case you can’t make them.

3. Monthly Q & A Cheat Sheet…

We’re all about saving you time so you can spend your time implementing, instead of learning. That’s why, after every monthly call, our expert transcriptionist creates a Cheat Sheet of all questions asked on the call, with the answers summarised IN BULLET POINT. That means you can quickly scan and find solutions fast.

4. Archive Of All Hotseats Ever Held…

As long as you remain a member you get immediate access to the archive of all Q & A Cheat Sheets and recordings so you can learn from the questions others have asked before you. People on a similar journey.

  • Get CLARITY, and;
  • Prepare for MASSIVE MOMENTUM; and
  • LIBERATE your time!

Element 2: A Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Supportive and active private member Facebook forum

Janet, I'd like to express my gratitude for creating this powerful group - the power of this group is simply amazing. Yesterday, after feeling very stuck, I announced my intention to focus, and used the power of the community to get me back on track. Not only did I get back on track, I created an amazing Signature System name (SPEAK IT) with the help of the members of the group (thanks Amanda!). I feel back in flow, and ready to take on the world!

Gail Bennell

Membership to Closed-Door Private Facebook Group

As soon as you join as an Inner Circle member you’ll be sent an invitation to join our private Facebook Group. As soon as your invitation is confirmed you’ll be welcomed warmly into our beautifully supportive community. This group is quite unique as there is a true culture of support and sharing. You’ll connect with other entrepreneurs who understand your passion and challenges and who are on a similar path.

We have had people tell us they have purchased our programs just so they can access to this exclusive group. (Our reputation precedes us).

This is also the first place I announce new programs, and opportunities and find the stories to highlight members via social media and in my newsletters and videos. I also share behind the scenes stories (good and bad) and mentoring tips that I share nowhere else.

Element 3: Opportunities to take action and promote your business.

Welcome to our tribe of passionate entrepreneurs

…..if you get the opportunity to meet Janet, hear Janet, see Janet, learn from some of her amazing work, then grab with both hands and run with it. Because I don’t think there are many people on the planet who have a heart the size that she does and want to share what she knows and she genuinely wants to help other people succeed. So if you get a opportunity to meet, work with, learn, listen to Janet, grab it and enjoy it because it will make a huge difference in your life and your work.

Sarah Rogers

Just a few of the collaborative books our members have created.

Promote Yourself

Showcase Your Business In Our High-Traffic Directory…

Get a full listing on our high-traffic website directory to help you promote your business. You can take advantage of the thousands of visitors that come to our website every month, and promote your business with special offers to others in the community, and facilitate profit-boosting joint venture deals.

Your business will gain more respect in the market place as it’s aligned with our brand. And you’ll also be able to piggyback on our marketing at no extra cost.

Member-Only Collaborative Projects

It’s frustrating isn’t it? You know if you can just get your message in front of new people you’ll be able to really build momentum in your business. One of the most powerful ways to reach a new audience is through Joint Ventures and collaborative projects yet have you ever noticed that it is only the people who already have a big list and big reputation that get invited to be part of big projects? Projects like co-authoring books, list building give-away projects and telesummits.

It’s a catch 22. You have to have a list and runs on the board to be invited to be part of collaborative projects, but collaborative projects are one of the most powerful ways to get your name “out there” and build your list in the first place! How do you get your foot in the door?

I’m passionate about helping you get your message out to the world and super-passionate about creating opportunities for you to take action. That’s why, as part of the Inner Circle, you are invited to join 2 to 3 different collaborative projects every year. Each project is designed to help you build your list and position you as a trusted voice of authority in your industry. Plus, they are unique and fun (fun is one of my highest values in business, so if we’re going to do something, let’s make it cool). In the past our community has co-produced ebooks, physical books, video challenges, give-aways and audio projects which have been downloaded thousands of times.

If you’re worried you don’t have all your ducks in a row, ready to take part in a collaborative project, then know we provide heaps of direction and resources to help you shine. We have a new project starting soon. Will you be part of it?

Element 4: A way To Solve The Techy Overwhelm.

The Geek Zone was a life saver for me! The short, sharp, step-by-step approach offered was so helpful - I could action each step and get my videos done.

Louise Brogan

Access To The Geek Zone

Can you relate to this? You want to start a blog but you don’t know how to build a website and even put an image in your first blog post anyway. So you freeze, and nothing happens. You want to start using Facebook but you don’t know how to start a Facebook page. You want to build a mailing list but don’t know how to put a sign up form on your site.

The techy stuff seems so overwhelming you just don’t know where to start and it can make you feel so stupid (even though you know you’re smart). If you feel this way, know you are not alone.

As a member you get immediate access to an ever-growing library of short and sweet, no B.S. “How to” videos on all the techy things you are likely to need. You can get answers when you need it and can either watch and implement yourself or let someone else in your business or family learn and do the techy stuff for you.

Element 5: You need a business-building system to follow

Value $98

In this exciting new offering, Janet takes you step-by-step through the process of finding your ‘tribe’, getting them on board and keeping them there! This book will quickly become your ‘go to toolkit’ as you implement proven strategies to enhance your online presence. Learn from the best as Janet introduces you to her own ‘tribe’ of online experts who walk the walk and talk the talk. An investment in your online business that will keep you on track and challenge you to become the leader of your own tribe. Thanks Janet for a truly amazing adventure.

Kay Ross

Janet Beckers understands that, at its heart, a thriving, successful online business is built on the foundation of relationships that are intimate and deeply connected. Just as we fondly remember being romanced by our first sweetheart, you will learn in “Romance Your Tribe Online” how to court romance your tribe, leading you both to a happy, committed and connected relationship.

As an emerging, creative entrepreneur, Janet was my first “online romance”, inspiring me to get my business out of my head and into action. I can’t thank her enough and, still, some years later, continue to learn and grow through her mentorship!

Paula Tarrant

Tribal Kick Start Kit and Book Package

The Romance Your Tribe TM System is a proven step-by-step system to build your business online in a way that builds a tribe of raving fans that LOVE what you do. This system is laid out systematically for you (with exercises, case studies and mindset tips) in my new book "Romance Your Tribe Online". As soon as you join, we'll post your copy in the mail, including free freight, no matter where you are in the world.

You don't have to wait for the post to arrive to get started. You’ll get immediate access to the PDF version of the book so you can start taking action immediately, plus get recordings and transcripts of all 14 interviews from the Tribal Business Leaders Summit.

About The Book

In Romance Your Tribe Online, multi-award winning entrepreneur Janet Beckers takes you step-by-step through the 5 (and a half) steps to create a tribe of loyal fans online who LOVE your brand. Combining trademark down-to Earth strategies and sense of humour, here are just a few of the things you will learn:

  • Know EXACTLY who your most profitable clients are and how to attract them with the unique Profitable Avatar Quadrant Exercise.
  • The strategic steps, in the right order, to position yourself as the expert in your field, even if no-one has heard of you.
  • The 4th Win Test that will revolutionise the way you do marketing
  • 9 Different business models that work online and how to choose the best one for you
  • How to look like a rock star, on a budget, with clever use of social media and video.
  • The formula to get high profile Joint Venture Partners to promote you for free
  • How to automate your online business, even if you are technically challenged.

Includes check-lists, action plans and case studies of best practice all sprinkled with quirky anecdotes, mindset strategies and motivation tips.

I'm totally confident you will be more than impressed with the resources and support you receive as part of your membership. So I'm happy to back this 100%. If inner Circle membership is not right for you, simply let us know in the first 30 days and as soon as you return any training materials mailed to you I'll refund your money. We'll still be friends.

There are no contracts with The Inner Circle, so you can cancel any time and not be charged further membership fees (of course, you will no longer have access to all the wonderful resources and support).

2 Procrastination-Busting LIVE Group Q & A Calls every month so I can get answers to the questions that are stopping me from getting traction in my business.

Recordings and summarised, action-focused transcripts of every call

Archive of every call ever held so I can learn from the questions others have asked.

Membership of Private Facebook Group for peer support and direct access to Janet Beckers and team

Promote My Business in the high-traffic Members Directory

Invitations and Support to List Building Collaborative projects such as published books

The Geek Zone library of how-to videos on all things techy

BONUS: Copy of the book “Romance Your Tribe Online” delivered to my door, with free freight

PDF copy of the book so I can start straight away

Recordings and transcripts of 14 interviews from The Tribal Business Leaders Summit so I can learn from best-practice leaders

I'm really looking forward to welcoming you to The Inner Circle and introducing you to the other wonderful people in my "Tribe". I'm passionate about helping you to get your message out to the world so you can make the difference you are destined to do.

Let's get started!

P.S. If you have any questions just click the Chat / Help tab over on the left of the page. My customer support team is there to help you and answer any questions.

P.P.S. This is an incredibly low-cost way to join our community and get my direct support. My Platinum clients happily pay $1500 per month so they can get priority access to me. So trust your gut. If this feels right for you, then grab the opportunity with both hands and join today. I'm taking all the risk.