RYT Action Tip: Nancy Barnes’ Thoughtful Gifts Don’t Need to be Expensive



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Join us as Nancy Barnes shares her action tip:

Thoughtful Gifts Don’t Need to be Expensive

To show my clients appreciation, I give them a little gift here and there. Who doesn’t love a surprise? Sending a gift to my clients is a fun way for me to show them that I care and that I have a commitment to them. It also is a reminder for them to take time out for themselves. Most importantly it says I appreciate them.

The gifts do not have to be expensive or even cost a dime. I found beautiful colorful reusable shopping bags for a bargain. Now my clients get one with their course materials. Other gift ideas: inspirational book, herbal tea, eye mask, bookmark, meditation CD, eBook, or a card.

You can send a gift anytime, such as; a scheduled time, when inspired to, when someone needs a pick-me-up, or a special time of the year. I love finding treasures as much as giving them, and besides I love shopping. However, bottom line is that commitment to my clients is the most important part of my business.

Nancy Barnes is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Bodywork Therapist. She is Founder of College of Holistic Health, which offers tutored home-study holistic health programs.  Nancy is also an Amazon Best Selling Author, Co-Authoring How Life Coaching Changes Lives.



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