RYT Action Tip: Gail Bennell’s How to Show Your Clients Why You Are Meant To Be Together.



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Join us as Gail Bennell shares her action tip:

How to Show Your Clients Why You Are Meant To Be Together.

Standing out in a competitive market place is hard.  As a health professional, it’s tempting to try and be an all-rounder, and attract everyone you are qualified to treat.  Instead of being everything to everyone, find your perfect clients and focus on what makes you their perfect match.

1.         Get clear on the CLIENTS YOU LOVE– As a Speech Pathologist, I’m qualified to work with many communication issues.  But there is one particular type of client that makes my heart sing – helping people with disabilities learn to communicate, so they can achieve their full potential.  Which of your clients make YOUR heart sing?

2.         What makes you THEIR PERFECT MATCH? – What makes you different from other people offering similar services to you?  For me, it’s the ability to help parents find the right tools for their child, and give them the support they need to use those tools to help their child communicate.  WHAT’S YOURS?

3.        What makes YOUR RELATIONSHIP UNIQUE – There are plenty of great health professionals out there, but it’s hard to know which one you should choose.  I love creating Speechy TV episodes so people can get to know me before they decide to work with me.  How can you SHOWCASE YOUR WORK so your perfect clients can get to know you?

Gail is a Speech Pathologist who coaches parents of children with disabilities on Skype, so their kids can learn to communicate and reach their full potential.  She also helps health professionals thriving build thriving private practices so they too can help their clients reach their full potential.



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