RYT Action Tip: Urszula Richards’ Answer Questions Before They Are Asked



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Join us as Urszula Richards shares her action tip:

Answer Questions Before They Are Asked

Create a simple email series – which aims at welcoming, educating, and supporting your new clients.

In many cases your clients/customers will have unspoken questions or concerns following a purchase – and this is completely normal.  These questions are GOLD.

For every question you receive, you can be certain there are others having similar thoughts and experiences. By addressing these before you are even asked, your clients will get a sense that you really get them.

This works on so many levels.

  • Your clients feel supported AFTER the sale.
  • They get useful information.
  • The information they have now makes SENSE, because they now have your product/service to interact with.
  • And it reassures them that they have made the right decision by choosing you – reducing issues such as chargebacks, “buyers remorse” or a totally preventable gradual disillusionment.

This is a strategy I not only use myself, but teach my clients to use – as it is one of the easier ‘techie’ things which I can teach them to do. It helps my clients gain the respect of their customers, and is often their first introduction to a practical online marketing skill. It’s a win-win-win.

Urszula Richards helps small businesses have a website presence they can understand AND control. By adopting ‘the path of least resistance’ approach, she teaches her clients only what they need to know right now to get them to the next step on their overall online journey.



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