RYT Action Tip: Cynde Canepa’s Keep In Touch Like Friends



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Join us as Cynde Canepa shares her action tip:

Keep In Touch Like Friends

The amount of commitment you put into your business and clients will determine the amount of customer appeal. Myself, I work to establish and have long-term commitments with all my clients, a few dating back from the beginning of my business in 1997. I get to know and go-the-extra-mile for each client as if I only work for that client. I strive to have my clients feel like they can get a hold of me at any time and that they know where I am and what I am doing.

My clients are my friends. I keep in touch throughout the year:

First, in January I send out a personalized letter and if a tax client, a tax organizer.

In May, I send out a post-tax season survey; and a special on a mid-year financial review.

At the end of August I send out a special to all my clients for a “Before it’s Too Late” tax planning review.

In October, I recognize my VIP clients as my Boss and send them a Bosses Day card.

Then in December I send a Holiday card and coupon. All this allows me to keep in touch throughout the year with all my Very Important clients!

Cynde Canepa has provided Administrative & Financial Assistance to guide businesses to financial safety since 1997. She specializes in Business / QuickBooks Consulting & Trainings. She is Enrolled to Practice before the IRS and licensed to perform Business & Estate/Trust Tax Preparation and Planning.



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