RYT Action Tip: Monika Mundell’s 3 Tips to Start a Movement



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Join us as Monika Mundell shares her action tip:

3 Tips to Start a Movement

3 Tips to Start a Movement

What is your movement?

Your movement is your BIG why. If you want to stand out and inspire people to like, trust, and fall in love with you, share your movement.

People don’t get obsessed with gadgets and services. They get obsessed with people and movements.

Your movement is a snapshot of your values… and the reasons why you’re so passionate about your work.

It paints a picture of a better world.

How to get clear on your movement.

Tip #1 — Get clear on your personal values… the stuff that matters to you (example: freedom, lifestyle, integrity, happiness, harmony, etc.).

Tip #2 — What makes you happy? Write it down. You’re looking for a list of things that make you happy (example: freedom, hanging out with my man or friends, feeling grateful, good coffee, travel, creativity, etc.).

Tip #3 — Write your movement.

My movement is: inspiring people to be FREE (free of limited thinking & free of fear)… so they can live happier & courageously create their (non-conformist) freedom lifestyle. I help people say, “YES!” to their dream life, (because freedom is… having choices + being able to do whatever you want)!

Join me!

Monika Mundell is the go-to Communication Strategist & Clarity Coach for women in business who want to liberate their time & accelerate their success with irresistible (fun) marketing. Monika helps clients infuse their brand with personality and presence, and profit with ease, with clear, captivating copy.



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