RYT Action Tip: Lisa Tassell’s The Art of a Great Listener



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Join us as Lisa Tassell shares her action tip:

The Art of a Great Listener

If there is one skill that I believe that has propelled me to success faster than any of my other skills or qualifications is the ability to really listen.

I utilise 3 steps to engage in actively listening.

1. Seek out Information
Let your client speak, don’t interrupt them. Let them tell you their story, their pain, their challenges, their anguish and heartache. It is amazing what information you will receive by allowing them to pour their heart out. My first consultation is always in an investigative manner. The client feels validated, and heard, often for the first time in their lives. You are creating the space that allows them to feel worthy of being heard.

2.Talk less than you listen.
When it is your turn to talk, it is essential that you are asking questions to open up the client rather than you giving your advice. This is done at a later stage. Look for non verbal queues; they can be powerful indicators of what is not being said.

3. Actively Listening
This is essential to not just be waiting to speak, working out what you are going to say. Maintain eye contact, turn off your phone and put it away, remove distractions, nod and position your body to be facing the client in a relaxed manner

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with many people to unlock their true potential and my own. I have over 14 years of experience in natural healing. I have combined my training as a Naturopath and my Intuitive Counselling with the blending of quality essential oils. Through this specialised approach profound, yet gentle transformations occur.



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